Quick Timer Presets

Countdown timer that can count down in seconds, minutes and hours. This online timer is simple, easy-to-use, and displays a large countdown on your screen, adjustable for up to a 24 hour time period.

What is an Online Countdown Timer?

An online timer is a digital tool available on the internet, designed to help you keep track of time for various tasks. It displays a large countdown on your screen and can be set to count down in hours, minutes, or seconds. Once the set time expires, an online alarm will notify you, assuming your device's volume is turned up.

How to Set the Online Countdown Timer?

  1. Set Time: Choose how many hours, minutes, and seconds you need the timer for, or select from pre-set times we offer.
  2. Alarm sound: Choose the alarm sound or turn it off by selecting 'No Sound'.
  3. Start: Click "Start" to begin.

How Does the Online Countdown Timer Work?

After setting it up, the timer starts counting down. On your screen, you'll see:

Where Can You Use Online Timer?

An online timer can be used on any device that has a browser with an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. This tool is extremely helpful in various situations. In classrooms, it helps teachers and students keep track of time for exams or group activities. In kitchens, it assists cooks in timing their recipes perfectly, ensuring food is cooked just right. During study sessions, it aids students in managing their study and break times effectively. While working out, it's great for timing exercises and rest periods. Additionally, for specific occasions like timed tests or cooking competitions, you can use this online countdown timer for precise time management.


Note that the online countdown timer will not function if your device is turned off or if you close your browser or tabs with this page.