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Why Do You Need an Online Stopwatch?

Have you ever needed to track time, be it for work, cooking, exercise, or exams? Without a stopwatch on your computer or phone, how would you do this?

What Does an Online Stopwatch Offer?

Our free online stopwatch is a tool designed for accuracy, measuring time in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. It's perfect for timing laps, and you won't miss a beat with the option to add laps as you go.

How Can You Use It?

  1. Simply click "Start."
  2. Need to pause? Click "Pause."
  3. Click "Continue" when you're ready to resume.
  4. Click "Lap" to save lap time.
  5. Click "Reset" to clear your timings when you're ready.

Does It Save Your Progress?

Worried about losing your times after a refresh? Our stopwatch saves them, even if you close your browser, until you click "Reset."

What Happens to the Online Stopwatch When My Device Enters Sleep Mode?

Online stopwatch takes a break during sleep mode and won't work until you reactivate your device.

Does the Online Stopwatch Keep Running if I Close the Browser?

Unfortunately, if you close the browser, the online stopwatch will stop. However, you're free to minimize your browser, or open other applications; your timing won't be interrupted.

Is It Just for Timing?

Beyond just tracking time, our online stopwatch is a tool to enhance productivity, perfect for studying, cooking, or any task that requires precision timing.