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Free online alarm clock makes it easy to set your alarms in seconds. You can use it to wake up in the morning or set up reminders for your tasks during the day. This digital alarm clock makes a loud sound at the right time, so you don’t miss important moments. It works without the need to download any software to your computer or phone, and what's more, it's absolutely free.

What are the main features of this alarm clock?

  • The alarm sound works in the background of your browser – when the browser is minimized on the computer or the phone screen is off, but the browser is still open.
  • A "Snooze" button that allows you to delay the alarm sound for 1, 5, 10, or 15 minutes with one click.
  • Online alarm clock and today's date display.
  • Countdown timer to the alarm.
  • Saves alarm settings after reloading the page or accidentally closing the tab.
  • No need to download anything on your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • This tool is completely free.
  • The sound will play until you turn off the alarm.

How Does the Alarm Clock Work?

  1. Set Your Time: Choose the hour and minute for your alarm.
  2. Pick a Sound: Select from a range of sounds to wake up to.
  3. Test The Sound: Before using it, listen to the alarm sound to see if it's loud and clear enough for you.
  4. Save Settings: Your preferences are saved for next time.
  5. Keep It Open: Keep your browser tab open for the alarm clock to function.
  6. Works Offline: Once you set it, you don't need the internet for the alarm to work.

Can I Use It on Different Devices?

Yes! Our alarm clock works on any device with a browser, like computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

What If My Device Goes to Sleep?

Your alarm won't work if your device is in sleep mode or turned off. Keep your device on and avoid sleep mode to make sure the alarm works.

How to Change the Alarm Volume?

The alarm uses the volume of your device. So, to make the alarm louder or quieter, just turn your device's volume up or down.

How Do I Manage Multiple Alarms?

For multiple alarms, use different browser tabs or save each alarm with its unique URL for one-click access.

Do I Need an Alarm Clock Just to Wake Up?

Not at all! Use it for reminders throughout your day—whether it's for meetings, taking breaks, or remembering to stand up and stretch.

When to Set the Alarm?

The most common wake-up time for most people is from 6:00 to 6:40 am. Wake-up time mainly depends on the time you need to get to work or school. Also, wake-up depends on the schedule and duration of sleep.

Note: The alarm will not work if:

  • The computer or phone is turned off.
  • The laptop lid is closed.
  • The PC or laptop is in sleep mode.
  • Your device goes to sleep by itself if you don't use it for a while.
  • You close the web browser.

Don't miss out on important moments.